Because Sometimes It’s Sunday Morning And Beer Floats Just Don’t Seem Appropriate

CoffeFloatRemember when we wrote about those beer floats being done as a kind of sideways collaboration between Joe’s Steaks and Bottle Bar East? Those were awesome, right? But unfortunately, not every day is a beer float kind of day. Meaning that sometimes it’s Sunday morning and beer, no matter how delicious, just doesn’t seem like the right thing to be adding to your ice cream.

Well, that’s where Weckerly’s Ice Cream and Rival Brothers Coffee comes in.

Skip those brunch plans this Sunday, because Weckerly’s is sleeping in with Rival Brothers. From 11:00 until 3:00 at Rival Bros Coffee Bar (2400 Lombard) the barristas are going to be pouring nitro-charged cold brew coffee over limited-run, seasonal flavors from the beloved West Philly ice cream company. At five, bucks each, good luck choosing between Chocolate Malted Sour Cherry, Tahitian Vanilla Apricot Toasted Oat, or the classic, Whole Organic Bean Vanilla from Papua New Guinea.

The nitrogen-charged coffee itself has a frothy body, so you can expect a grown-up version of your favorite soda fountain treat and enough of a caffeine boost to see you through until dinner time. At which point we suggest re-upping with the Chocolate Love Stout and chocolate ice cream “Double Chocolate” float at Joe’s in Fishtown to get your Sunday night started off on the right foot.

Rival Brothers [Official]