Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll Update

Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll.

Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll.

Tonight is the first of two Baltimore Avenue Dollar Strolls for this summer (the next is September 24th). We told you the details on vendors and attractions last week, but here’s an update on what exactly will be offered to eat tonight as you stroll west on Baltimore Avenue.

Green Line Cafe
Hebrew National hot dogs, vegan carrot dogs, espresso shots

Bassetts ice cream sandwiches

Atiya Ola’s Spirit First Foods
green drinks, vegan cookies

Queen of Sheba
PBR cans

Fiesta Pizza
pizza slices, water ice, soda, ice cream, fries

Desi Village
samosas, mango lassis, vegetable pakora

ice coffee

Gojjo Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar
sambusa, injera rolls with veggies, Ethiopian cheesesteaks

Calvary Center
cans of soda and bottled water

Lee’s Deli
seitan & BBQ cheesesteak, carrot cake, fries

lentil or spinach Injera roll, house salad sampler, spiced ice tea

Lucky’s Chinese Restaurant
pizza roll, spring roll, shrimp teriyaki

Vientiane Café
chicken skewers, fried tofu, fresh spring rolls, Naam salad, Thai tea

Gold Standard
mini sandwiches

Mariposa Food Co-op
Banana whips, beverages, cookies

Little Baby’s Ice Cream
mini scoops of ice cream

Penn Cafe and Pizza
slice of cheese pizza

Dock Street Brewery
7 oz. beer and pint glasses

Poundcake Heaven
butter sour cream cake with vanilla icing

And be sure to check out the food trucks:

The Whirly Pig
Devils on Horseback, BBQ pork on a stick

Jimmie’s Cupcakes
mini cupcakes, brownies, bottled water

mini brownie or cookie

spicy mango grilled shrimp skewer

Samosa Deb

Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll [University City District]