DanDan Coming to Rittenhouse in July

The space, currently in renovation, at 126 S 16th.

The space, currently in renovation, at 126 S 16th.

From the former operators and managers of Han Dynasty University City comes DanDan, a fresh combination of Sichuan and Taiwanese cuisine in Rittenhouse.  Kevin and Catherina Huang plan to open (tentatively) on July 1st at 126 S 16th Street.

In this upscale environment (think full, operating bar), the duo hope to offer healthy, authentic, and quality Chinese food that will be customizable for gluten-free and vegetarian diets (which isn’t exactly authentic, but we’ll let that slide) and will also, like Han Dynasty, be customizable for spiciness.

The menu, based in Sichuan-style cooking and flavor, will feature tasting plates and small portions of traditional Sichuan dishes, as well as three signature dishes:

DanDan Noodles

warmed lo mein-style noodles, tossed with chili oil, sweetened soy sauce, sesame paste, scallions and minced pork

 Fiery Rib Eye Brew Pot

sliced rib eye in traditional Sichuan hot pot sauce infused with beer and simmered with enoki mushrooms

Soft Shell Shrimp

 soft shell shrimp cooked with garlic, fried soybean crisp and fried shallots

On the drinks side, they plan to offer a full pairing menu of spirits, wine, and craft beers to compliment the cuisine. Further, they are currently obtaining a liquor license to get that fully operating bar we mentioned up and running (though guests will be invited to bring their own bottle until the licensing is completed).

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