Sneak Preview: July Classes at Cook

Hey, speaking of COOK

Act fast because tickets for July classes go on sale at today at 2 pm. If your idea of a good night includes cooking with Yun Fuentes (Alma de Cuba), Nick Macri (La Divisa Meats), or Valerie Erwin (formerly Gee Chee Girl) then make your plans now and be sitting in front of your computer at 2pm today.

As usual, there is a full schedule of great food, including restaurant previews of Hungry Pigeon, Restaurant Neuf and  Herban Quality Eats. Check out the full list after the jump.

July 1: Wine Goblet Painting with Sue Puchowitz, Art Instructor

July 7: A La Brasa: Methods and Techniques of the Latin American Grill with Yun Fuentes of Alma de Cuba

July 9:  Sunday Pasta with Edwin Garrubbo

July 10: Restaurant Sneak Peek: Hungry Pigeon with Scott Schroeder of American Sardine Bar/South Philly Tap Room and Pat O’Malley

July 12: 4PM Summer Cocktail and Cheese Pairings with Keith Raimondi of Townsend and Rocco Rainone of Di Bruno Bros.

July 16: 6PM Craft Cocktails with Resa Mueller of Twenty Manning Grill/Bar Emmanuelle and Maura Gallagher of Art In The Age

July 17: Modern Low Country COOKing with Valerie Erwin of Geechee Girl Rice Cafe

July 18: 4 PM The Rise of Gluten Free Beers with Meredith Rebar and Garrett Lee Williams of Home Brewed Events

July 19: 1PM Filipino-Hawaiian Snacks with Kiki Aranita and Chris Vacca of Poi Dog Snack Shop

July 21: Tomato Time with Laura Frangiosa and Maureen Stoebenau of The Avenue Delicatessen

July 22: South of the Border with Kevin Taylor of El Vez

July 23: Restaurant Sneak Peek: Restaurant Neuf with Joncarl Lachman of Noord

July 24: Vegetarian Mediterranean Cuisine with Beth Kaufman Strauss of A Grateful Plate

July 25: 6PM A Taste of Tel Aviv with Ari Miller of Food Underground

July 26: 5PM Pork Belly Party with Nick Macri of La Divisa Meats

July 28: Vegan BBQ with Christina Martin and Christopher Dougherty

July 29: The Modern Supper Club with Ken Wallace and Jesse Cornell of Vesper

July 30: Summer in Provence with Kenneth Bush of Bistrot La Minette

July 31: Restaurant Sneak Peek: Herban with Kalefe Wright, Amir Fardshisheh and Chris Paul of Herban

COOK [Get your tickets here]