What To Buy At Trader Joe’s (As Chosen By People Who Love Trader Joe’s)

You guys like lists, right? Everyone loves lists. And you know what everyone else loves? Trader Joe’s. So what would be perfect right here is a list about things to buy at Trader Joe’s.

Well lucky for you, the list-loving public, the team over at Be Well Philly has spent the last week gathering data from Trader Joe’s fans on their favorite things to buy. That data has now been assembled into a list, and that list includes such things as frozen edamame, the spinach and artichoke dip that everyone whose ever been to a Trader Joe’s ever goes bonkers over, Joe-Joe’s cookies (which truly are awesome) and Cookie Butter (which sounds like it should be awesome but just…isn’t).

Anyway, you can check out the entire list of the 20 Best Thinigs To Buy At Trader Joe’s over at Be Well Philly. Or you can just hang out here and tell me how wrong I am about that whole Cookie Butter thing.

The 20 Best Foods At Trader Joe’s [BeWell]