Yards Lets You Save Bees While You Get Your Buzz On

yards-bee-garden-940Bees, like sharks, are often popularly mischaracterized as evil creatures when really they do a lot of good. Bees pollinate 1 in every 3 bites of food we eat. I don’t totally know what that statistic means, or how it was figured out, but science says so and it’s not my job to be a scientist, it’s my job to eat dumplings and watch llama videos. I think. Anyway, bees are important, and Yards Brewing Company agrees.

Yards has a goal of planting 20,000 bee-friendly gardens this summer, because bees are dying. Due to a variety of circumstances like habitat destruction and pesticide usage, bees are dropping like flies. I wonder if that simile is too close to home, or, er, hive.

You can plant your own Bee garden by picking up a Yards seed packet anywhere that Yards beer is sold. The seed packets contain local flower species that are conducive to bee proliferation, and once your flower bloom you can snap a picture of it and share it with #YardsBeeGarden. You can read the full Yards manifesto on bees here.

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