The Dirt: Easter Edition

It’s really happening, people. Rainy days, daffodils, and recipes aplenty to grace your table this holiday weekend. Whether or not you’re celebrating Easter, dyeing eggs is especially fun, and the farmer’s market is full of vegetables that you can use to make your own, all-natural egg dyes.

Pullet eggs – We already talked about how spring is basically the best time of year for eggs, and it also happens to be the time of year when you’ll see pullet eggs available. These eggs are the first attempts at egg-laying for last years chicks, aka the newest additions to the flocks. What are they like? Just like any other chicken eggs, but super cute because they’re about two-thirds the size of typical eggs. Check out Taproot Farm’s table at the Chestnut Hill market and see for yourself!

Red cabbage – This stalwart winter staple, when cooked into a rich tea will dye your eggs an rich, appealing shade of indigo. It also happens to lend zippy crunch to a slaw or salad for your holiday table. Look for it on the table at Landisdale Farm at the Clark Park market.

Beets – If it’ll stain your cutting board you can be pretty sure that it’ll also dye eggs, and handily. Fortunately, red beets are still in ready supply on the Rineer Family Farm table at the Rittenhouse market. Use those skins and scraps for lending easter eggs a pink or magenta hue, and cook up the fleet to eat with some Shellback Hollow goat cheese.

Onions – We’re sure that you’re peeling an unholy amount of onions to cook with your brisket this weekend, so here’s a chance to use those papery peels! Steeped, they’ll dye eggs a yellow gold, sienna color. Amp up the volume by adding a pinch or turmeric.

Spinach – Green eggs and ham time! Dye eggs green with a pulpy mash of fresh spinach, but be sure to buy enough that you can eat some with leftover holiday ham, too. The spinach from Livengood Farm at Clark Park is getting rave reviews!

Natural egg dyes – If you can’t be bothered with all this vegetable dyeing fuss, stop by Margerum’s Herbs at Clark Park. Apparently they’ll have natural egg dyes all ready to go for you.

Matzoh ball soup – Need a handy, seasonal lunch to fuel all of these arts and crafts? Pick up a quart of matzah ball soup from Good Spoon Soupery at the Rittenhouse market.