Hey, Guess Who Just Started Delivering Their Pizzas?

Like eating pizza? Like sitting on your couch? Then boy, do we have some good news for you…

Beginning yesterday, Bufad Pizza (definitely one of my rotating list of three favorite pizza places in town) began delivering their wares around town. Going large on your own delivery service in this day and age when people have multiple, Uber-esque options at their disposal for having restaurant meals delivered right to them by hordes of independent drivers who can bring anything from groceries to beer to sushi? That’s ballsy.

Offering your entire menu for delivery, during all regular operating hours with no minimums and completely reasonable delivery charges? That’s double-ballsy. It’s also probably completely unsustainable as a business model, but for as long as it lasts, I am four-square in favor of this new development. It means I can have a single margherita brought to me without ever leaving my chair…

…or an entire stack of pizzas, salads, sides and desserts brought straight to my office from Bufad by a guy who didn’t just get stuck in traffic for an hour trying to deliver three tacos to some drunk jerkoff in Fairmount while my pizzas got cold in his back seat.

Here’s how the delivery charge breaks down. I think you’ll agree that this rate is MORE than reasonable.

Zone One ($2 delivery fee): Vine Street to Fairmount Avenue (bordered to the west by the Schuylkill River and to the east by the Delaware River).

Zone Two ($4 delivery fee): Fairmount Avenue to Girard Avenue, as well as Vine Street to Market Street, both areas stretching as far as west as 29th Street and east to Front Street.

Here, this might make it clearer:

Oh, and one last thing? In case I haven’t mentioned this before, every single person reading this should try Bufad’s canoli. Not at all canoli-ish, this is actually a canoli Napoleon with an amazing, creamy, sweet ricotta filling sandwiched between two impossibly crisp sheets of fried dough studded with anise seeds, topped with crushed pistachios and dusted with powdered sugar. It is one of the better desserts I’ve had lately–light and sweet and crisp and complex all at the same time. And while I’d love to show you a picture of it, I accidentally ate it all before I thought to snap a shot.

Oh, the perils of food bloggery…

Bufad Pizza [Official]