Russet Turns Three


Russet is located at 15th and Spruce

This month marks Russet‘s 3rd anniversary. It doesn’t need you to buy it anything to celebrate, but you probably should anyway or it might make passive aggressive comments for the next year about how you’re the kind of person who “forgets anniversaries” and how thats “indicative of a larger problem.”

Ahem, anyway. To celebrate, Russet chefs Andrew and Kristin Wood have concocted a four course, prix fixe menu for $55 dollars a person that’ll be available only on February 25th.

The first course will be a choice of roasted bull’s blood beet terrine (sounds aggressive) or beef cheek and farrow soup, which is followed by a choice of blue cheese ravioli or russet potato gnocchi. The entree course offers an option of confit Champagne d’Argent rabbit, slow roasted pork loin, or cracked Blue Moon Acres rice ragu. For dessert, its a choice between a mousse parfait, a Black Forrest cake, or an heirloom grape sorbet with tangerine shortbread.

Russet suggests that guests make reservations for the event. Get yours by calling 215-546-1521.

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