Six Pack: Ramen In Philadelphia

Stay warm by grabbing a big bowl of ramen this weekend.

This weekend’s frigid winter weather has us all longing to hibernate until warmer days. But don’t let the cold stop you from going out. Just use it as an excuse to indulge in some heartwarming comfort food that will bring feeling back into your fingertips.

Back in December, we did a round-up of the best soups in Center City and now we’re coming back with the best ramen in town–for those of you who want all the comforts of Japanese food thrown into one large, steaming bowl.

1. Terakawa Ramen
204 North 9th Street, Chinatown

Their natural heritage Berkshire pork adds tons of flavor to the noodles–especially in their signature dish, which is also topped with roast pork and a seasoned boiled egg. Pair with their slow-roasted pork buns and this dish will wipe away your winter blues.

2. Nom Nom Ramen
20 South 18th Street, Center City

Nom Nom is the perfect place to grab a quick bowl of ramen on your lunch break. Check out their black garlic sauce drizzled on top of their Miso bowl to add a little kick to your ramen.

3. Morimoto
723 Chestnut Street, Center City

If you’re looking for more high-end, fancier Japanese food, give Morimoto’s ramen a try. The pork belly is some of the most meltingly soft in town, and the signature chicken noodle soup version is delicious–and served in a smaller portion than other ramen restaurants, leaving you room to try out some of the other items on the menu.

4. Cheu Noodle Bar
255 South 10th Street, Washington Square West

Though they’ve gone to great pains to let everyone know that they are NOT a ramen bar, the guys at Cheu still do some great noodle soups, with ingredients like coconut curry and matzo ball. The combinations of different ingredients take comfort to another level, catering to all of your cravings at once.

5. Hiro Ramen House
1102 Chestnut Street, Center City

You wanna warm up in a hurry? Try Hiro’s Gates of Hell ramen, with chili broth spiked with chili oil.

6. Zento
132 Chestnut Street, Old City

This small, Old City joint isn’t just great for sake. Their tonkotsu ramen with pork collar and pork bone stock is a steaming bowl of awesome that’ll warm your whole body up.

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