The Best Soups In Center City

Forget Center City Sips…when the weather is as gray and nasty as it is today, it’s all about Center City soups.

But where are the best? Don’t worry. We went out and answered that question for you. Here’s a list of places that offer up the good stuff in any number of ways – creamy, spicy, tomato-y, you name it.

MilkhouseSuburban Station’s most recent addition is offering up some pretty good tomato soup to go with any one of their awesome grilled cheese sandwiches.’s The soup of choice here is their potato soup with burrata, dill, and caraway-rye. This flavor combo is totally worth the trip, especially on a rainy day.

Nom Nom Ramen is an obvious Center City choice for soup. Nom Nom’s got four ramen options to choose from – all equally delicious, and all equally more delicious when eaten with a side of pork buns.

Le Bus Bakery offers a variety of soups, rotating seasonally. Dunk some of their homemade bread in a warm soup and call it a day.

Luke’s Lobster They may specialize in the lobster roll, but their lobster bisque is no joke. If you’re not feeling lobster, the clam chowder at Luke’s is the crowd favorite. Pair either soup with half of a roll, a grilled cheese, or a cold beer for a comfort food meal straight out of New England.

Cheu Noodle Bar is another fantastic choice if you’re craving Asian. Cheu offers every type of soup from a vegan coconut curry with peas, herbs and peanut sambal, to their classic Miso Ramen with pork shoulder, egg, sea beans and black garlic. Other options include a spicy crab broth, the famous brisket, and whatever else the cooks feel like throwing together that day.

Schlesingers’ famous cabbage soup is where it’s at here. All homemade, any of their soups can be combined with half of a sandwich or a salad.

Friday Saturday Sunday makes a cream of mushroom soup like no other by using Kennett Square mushrooms, chicken broth, cognac and cream. This is a soup worth trying, and since you’ll probably be craving it again, the restaurant has been kind enough to let you have a look at their recipe.

In Riva offers pea soup made with roasted garlic and parmigiano cheese. The best part about this soup (beyond the cheesy flavor) has to be its bright green color – I mean, how many soups are actually pretty to look at?

Tinto The soups to try are The Sopa De Castaña or truffled chestnut, both creamy and flavorful options.

Parc’s bowl of French onion remains a rainy-day classic, spilling over with cheese – bubbling, warm, perfect cheese.

Got any more suggestions for a great bowl of soup in Center City? Let everyone know in the comments section.