Offal Dinner At Kensington Quarters

Kensington Quarters offering five-course meal Tuesday night.

In the wake of it’s two-bell review from Craig Laban, Kensington Quarters is hosting a five-course offal dinner for $75 per person. It’s on January 27, starts at 7 pm, and will feature, of course, all the various squiggly bits of animals that don’t get sold as steaks or chops. Each of the five courses will be served along with wine pairings (handy for getting past the notion of eating lamb liver and marmalade) and guests will eat in the loft area of the restaurant with chef Damon Menapace cooking in the open kitchen.

Oh, and of course we have a menu. Check it out below.

Kensington Quarters Offal Dinner

January 27

First Course

Smoked Pork Liver Sausage

Red cabbage kraut, dijon mustard

Lamb Liver & Heart Terrine

orange marmalade, pistachio

Second Course

Stuffed Pork Trotters

potato, baby greens, beets

Third Course

Fazzoletti with Chicken Gizzards and Hearts

dried fruit, lanchego

Pig Head Ravioli

almond, toasted fennel, orange zest

Fourth Course

Grilled Beef Heart and Tongue

lentils, radiccio, parsnip

Fifth Course

Blood Orange Tart

pork fat, rye flour

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