Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Private Dining Rooms, Kevin Sbraga Interviewed, Center City’s Best Soups, Bookbinder’s Opening And A Holiday Shopping Guide For Foodies

Things are getting a little quiet in the restaurant world, with everyone just putting their heads down and trying to make it through the holidays. But that doesn’t mean that nothing was happening this week. Here’s what you might’ve missed.

The Gastronaut: Hey, Santa… A Christmas wish list for the Philadelphia restaurant scene

The List: Private Dining Rooms In And Around Philly Because sometimes you don’t want all your relatives hanging out at your house

Celebrate The Holiday Season Rittenhouse Style Parties for you and your teddy bear

The Best Soups In Center City Perfect for these gray and cold afternoons

Even More Of The Best Soups In Center City Because one list was just not enough

First Look: Juniper Commons Inside Kevin Sbraga’s 80’s theme restaurant

Also, An Interview With Kevin Sbraga Because everyone wants to know how many pairs of shoes he has

Garces Is Opening Bookbinder’s On New Year’s Eve Or at least the bar

Shopping For Foodies, Part 1 Trey Popp’s holiday gift guide

Top Chef Recap Restaurant Wars and the aftermath