Garces Is Opening Bookbinder’s On New Year’s Eve

Well, the bar, anyway. The “Olde Bar” at the Old Original Bookbinder’s in Old City, which has had a makeover and raw bar added to its original, olde-timey woodwork. You catching a theme here? Yeah. Garces and company are looking to capitalize on the storied address and nostalgic memories that people have of Bookbinder’s, but they’re amping up the food and drink side to bring it (a little) more in line with modern tastes.

There’ll be oysters, of course. Lots of them, with a spread that’ll change nightly. Fried clam bellies, snapper soup, a JG crab cake with green chile mayo, plus bar snacks. Much of the space is being used for catering and events (some of it available now, more of it come January). And the cocktail program is being designed by Erich Weiss, a documentarian, spirits consultant and grandson of former Bookbinder’s proprietor John M. Taxin, and professional mixologist Charlotte Voisey. Unsurprisingly, they’re going to be doing historically-inspired cocktails, with ingredients and recipes inspired by “the time period, the people, and the drinking traditions of the city,” according to Voisey.

Garces vets Chris Mann and Mike Siegel will be taking over the front and back of the house, with Mann on the floor as GM and Siegel (most recently ex of Village Whiskey at the Revel) in the kitchen as chef de cuisine. And while Garces is planning a New Year’s Eve opening to re-introduce the space to the city, a more official opening will be happening in early January.

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