Six Pack: Philly’s Newest Breakfast Options

Break up your breakfast routine with these recent additions to Philadelphia's breakfast scene.

Breakfast may have recently been demoted from its most important meal status, but that doesn’t mean that we’re skipping it entirely–especially considering that fact that there are some new hitters (or at least new options), in the morning line-up.

So here’s a six-pack worth waking up for.

Knead Bagels – Earlier this week we introduced you to Washington Square bagel newcomer Knead, which is boasting some pretty serious bagel street cred alongside the classics. Nobody is going to turn up their nose at a well-executed everything bagel with cream cheese, but cheffy combinations like Moroccan spiced apricot with lemon goat cheese, or fennel & sea salt with roasted tomato cream cheese will make a breakfast eater out of anybody.

Philly Style Bagels – Kensington and Fishtown residents know that they won’t have to get out of their jammies to get a good bagel, at least on Sundays, because of the Philly Style Bagels at Pizzeria Beddia. What makes a bagel Philly-style? Well, the sourdough base enjoys an overnight fermentation before being poached in a mixture of Schuylkill punch (water) and Yards IPA, and then baked off. Though the Philly bagel boys are still saving up to open a spot of their own, for now you can watch their Twitter and Instagram feeds to find out when they’ll be popping up.

Dottie’s Doughnuts – The fine folks at Federal Doughnuts had better brush the apollonia spice off their shoulders, because there’s a new doughnut game in town. Dottie’s Doughnuts, though currently wholesale only, have plans in the works for a brick and mortar shop, possibly in West Philly according to Eater. But you needn’t wait to try combinations like Hibiscus & Vanilla Bean, Biscoff cookie, Cinnamon Horchata, and Matcha, Pistachio and Smoked Salt. Look for them at Elixr, Joe Coffee, The Green Line, Milk & Honey Market, and Grindcore House. Also, of appeal to folks who would rather their doughnuts not share a space with fried chicken, Dottie’s Doughnuts happen to be vegan.

Philly Muffins – Not quite a Squagel, and not quite a neat circle like Thomas’ original, Philly Muffins are their own hybrid. These naturally fermented English muffins are baked in Olney from locally milled grains, and they come in interesting flavors like Cinnamon Raisin, Heirloom Wheat, Onion Focaccia, and Everything. Look for them at Fair Food Farmstand or any area food co-ops.

PS&Co – While PS&Co’s breakfast options of chia pudding and coconut yogurt were perfect for their springtime launch, now that the weather is colder even the health food eaters are looking for something warm. The cafe is in the process of rolling out the daily offering of their quinoa pancakes with shiitake bacon, one of the most popular items on their weekend brunch menu, in the coming weeks.

Animo Juice– Recognizing that Philadelphia was practically built on a foundation of carbohydrates, this list seems fitting — except for those of you forced to eschew gluten for health reasons (or, let’s be honest, for trendy reasons). For you, juice it is. Or, if you’d like to basically eat frozen yogurt for breakfast, the supremely trendy açai bowl at Animo Juice. Antioxidant rick açai berries are pureed with frozen banana, almond milk and honey, the purple puree then topped with granola and fruit. And since we’re already calling a spade a space here, you should also know that Animo will also let you top yours with chocolate sauce.

More breakfast options around Philadelphia.