The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend

Hey, look. The cranberry sauce is done.

Hey, look. The cranberry sauce is done.

Start stocking that fridge, people! This right here is primo Thanksgiving preparedness time. Local markets have got all the sweet potatoes, greens, mushrooms and poultry you can hope for, and this weekend, for several area farmer’s markets, represents a last hurrah before slowing down for the season. That said, a few markets will be skipping next weekend altogether so plan on stocking up now for the holiday and beyond.

Popcorn – As though you needed another excuse to eat butter this week, am I right? Local popcorn is showing up at markets either on the cob, as in the case of the Blue Hopi popcorn at Culton Organics (Headhouse), or conveniently bagged up. Pop it on the stove in a pot with oil like Ma might have in the Little House on the Prairie, in an air popper, or even in a tightly closed paper bag in your microwave. Look for it at Weimer Organics at the Bryn Mawr market and at Hilltop Farm at Rittenhouse.

Fava Bean Leaves – Another green thing that you can add to your healthy arsenal, Queen’s Farm is selling bunched fava bean leaves at the Headhouse Market. The leaves, which look a little like robust pea shoots or even leaves of sage, are juicy and thick. They have the flavor of favas, without all of the laborious shocking and peeling, and you can eat them either raw or cooked.

Fresh Bay Leaves – Root Mass Farm doesn’t typically bring sprigs of fresh bay to market amidst the other herbs, simply because there’s not much demand for it. But with all of this holiday cooking going on they’ll be snipping some for Headhouse this weekend. Fresh, the leaves still definitely have their characteristic flavor, but they’ll also bring a citrusy brightness to whatever you’re cooking up for your holiday table.

Fresh Cranberries – Chances are, some of the cranberries you’ll buy in the OceanSpray bag at the grocery store were cultivated not too far from here, but make sure of it by picking up fresh cranberries from Lone Wolfe Farm at the 52nd & Haverford market or from Paradise Hill Farms at the Fair Food Farmstand.

Asian Pear Cider – An interesting, non-alcoholic beverage for the teetotalers in your family, North Star Orchard still has half-gallons of their asian pear cider available at headhouse. Not as sweet as apple, this cider has a sophisticated, crisp flavor that is lovely on its own, and few would argue if you were to spike it with a little bourbon.

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