New (Old) Chef At Southwark, And A Very New Menu


Typically, we prefer to toot our own horn here at Foobooz, but today we’ll admit that we’re really enjoying Danya Henninger’s column The Spot over on In it, she profiles restauranteurs who have been in business for a decade or more. And while she hasn’t yet paid Southwark a visit (yet), they very well could be next on her list. Why? Because it’s turning 10, too, and is looking at some pretty substantial changes to the menu and in the kitchen.

The restaurant has seen a few chefs come and go in recent years, as chef-owner Sheri Wade shifted her focus away from the kitchen and to the restaurant’s farming enterprise in Cape May. First, she handed off the the reins to then sous Nick Macri (now at Border Springs Lamb at Reading Terminal Market), and most recently to Sam Jacobson. Now, as the growing season winds down and the restaurant celebrates its 10 year anniversary, Wade is returning to the kitchen full time (and Sam is hanging out at Brigantessa).

Since her return, she’s made some changes to the menu, while retaining Southwark’s dedication to local, seasonal sourcing and making things from scratch. In a nod to the popularity of Southwark’s bar, Sheri is honing the menu to suit it, reducing the gap between the bar and the dining room. She’s already done away with the appetizer/entree designation, instead focusing on plates that can either stand on on their own or work as part of a larger spread.

Check out her new menu below.

Southwark Dinner Menu

Fall 2014

oysters, 1/2 dozen, apple cider ice   14

soup    8

roasted potatoes, garlic aioli   6

clams, vermouth, shallots, tomato, chili   12

green salad, cider onions, raisins,pecans,   9
roasted squash dressing

beets, Shellbark Goat, hazelnuts, orange vinaigrette   9

brassicas,anchovy,pine nuts, bread crumb   12

spicy maple glazed beef tongue, caraway   13
cabbage and fennel salad

smoked blue fish, red onion, egg, capers,   14

rabbit confit pappardelle, Fat Cat-kale pesto   16

veal stew, roasted squash, fall vegetables   23

chicken sausage, potato cake, egg, gravy,   21
cranberry relish

grilled pork chop, roasted radish, mustard sauce   24

whole roasted trout, braised fennel, olives,   22
almonds, rosemary

Charcuterie & Cheese

Cheese Plate     18
selection of four cheeses & accompaniments

Charcuterie Plate     16

Farmhouse Platter     22
meat, cheese, olives, nuts, fruit, and bread

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