What Are The Best Smelling Restaurants In Philadelphia?


Sure, Philadelphia is a city that doesn’t always smell as sweet as it might. But the other day, we were sitting around Foobooz World HQ and we were talking about how there are some places in Philly that smell better than just about anywhere around.

Like Fette Sau on a damp afternoon when the smoke seems to cling to everything it touches. Or Barbuzzo with the heat radiating out of that short, tightly-packed line and filling the room with the comforting smells of meat and char and garlic.

The open-grate wood grill at a.kitchen gives the place the occasional lick of smoke that makes it one of the best-smelling dining rooms in Rittenhouse. The fat dripping from the meats speared on Lo Spiedo‘s rotisserie definitely makes it the best smelling thing in the Navy Yard.

There’s the chocolate smell they pump onto the floor at Max Brenner; the intersection of Passyunk and Reed which smells like a universe of donuts when Dunkin Donuts is baking; the area immediately surrounding Jim’s Steaks which can spread the smell of frying onions for a block in every direction. All some of our favorites.

But now, we’re turning the question over to you. What are the best-smelling restaurants in Philly? Let us know in the comments.