Deep South Philly Erupting in Gravy War

On Sunday, October 12thSundayGravy, it’s a battle for the best gravy at the Tap Room on 19th.

Michael Strauss will be putting his gravy up against all the best that South Philly has to offer: 20 other gravy-makers (along with Strauss) will be competing for the best gravy, as well as a $200 grand prize.

You can play along as well. Head down to the Tap Room on the 12th to sample the different gravies and lock in your vote for the “People’s Choice.”

In the meantime, Joe Abruzzo (a lover of all things gravy-related), Louis Marchesani (guitar player for The Gin Canaries and local peep), Tom Deeney (makes a mean gravy himself, owner of TN HomeMade Kitchen),  and finally Danya Henninger (local food writer) will be judging the competition and awarding the prize.

The event is free, but if you’re interested in competing, email Strauss at to enter. After that, it’s all gravy.

Tap Room On 19th [f8b8z]