Wawa Is Selling Pizza Now

After about 20 years, it has returned: Wawa ’za is for sale at every Wawa location. It comes in five different varieties.

On Monday, Wawa rolled out a new menu item to its touch-screen menu ordering: Pizza. That’s right: You can now get pizza at your local Wawa. It’s even on the menu!

This is not just a test rollout in the area, either: Wawa ’za is for sale at all the chain’s locations. It comes in five varieties: cheese, veggie, pepperoni, buffalo chicken, and bacon jalapeño popper. Oregano and parmesan cheese are the available toppings.

Wawa previously tested Pizza Hut-branded pizza in about 20 stores in the mid-1990s, according to The Wawa Way. (It opened Taco Bell in about 125.) But it was short-lived. Focus groups called the idea “crazy … if we want pizza, we’ll go somewhere in specializes in pizza.”

“To the Mid-Atlantic consumer, Wawa was mainstream America, motherhood, and apple pie,” Howard Stoeckel writes in the Wawa history released to commemorate Wawa’s 50th anniversary — it was available for $9.99 at the counter. “Ethnic foods — Mexican and Italian — caused a disconnect in terms of the consumer experience and Wawa. Pizza Hut and Taco Bell didn’t work at all for us, except in a small handful of our stores.”

In contrast to the previous Wawa pizza launch, this Pizza is branded with a Wawa logo.

Per a Wawa spokeswoman, pepperoni is the currently the most popular “with cheese and buffalo chicken both vying for second place.” The pizza is made to order in a Wawa oven, putting it in sharp contrast with 7-Eleven pizza. That can be a crapshoot, because the pizza has just been sitting there.

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