Di Bruno Bros Employs The Highest Number of Certified Cheese Pros In The Nation


There are only 406 Certified Cheese Professionals in the entire world. Nine of them are here in Philadelphia, working at Di Bruno Bros.

And what exactly is a Certified Cheese Professional, you may ask?

Also known as CCPs, Certified Cheese Professionals are cheese experts who have gone through the cheese certification program sponsored by the American Cheese Society and have then passed the 3-hour, 150-question test. The test includes questions on the chemistry of cheese production, display building, animal care, HACCP plans, cheese pairings and much more. Not only is the test content-intensive, but it costs hundreds of dollars to take.

And yet still, Philadelphia’s own Di Bruno Bros has 9 of the world’s total supply of CCPs working in their cheese department–the highest concentration of CCPs in the nation by any independent retailer. And if that isn’t impressive enough, all Di Bruno Bros’ CCPs passed the exam on their first attempt.

The CCP certified cheesemongers at Di Bruno Bros are:

Emilio Mignucci
Leslie Uhl
Joe Green
Mark Bomalaski
Hunter Fike
Amanda Bernhardt
Rich Morillo
Rocco Rainone
Jeff DiMaio

By passing the test, these cheese pros also have the opportunity to be a part of some of the committees in the American Cheese Society and will be able to participate in the creation of questions on the CCP exam. And Di Bruno Bros is so serious about its cheese people, the store completely covers the exam cost of any monger taking the test.

So yes, if you’re looking for cheese, now you know where to go. I think it’s safe to say that Di Bruno Bros qualifies as the cheese authority here in Philly.

Di Bruno Bros [official]