Discount Code For Feastival Tickets

So we’re now counting down the days to Feastival, which is happening this Thursday, September 18, at Penn’s Landing. And while we’ve already told you all about the restaurants that will be there, the crazy auction items they’re offering, and even played a game of Find The Kale in order to give away $700 worth of VIP tickets, we still have some more news.

Like how about a 20% discount code for tickets?

So here’s all you have to do: Go to the Feastival ticketing site, pick what kind of tickets you want, and then enter the promo code COOK2014. Do that and voila! Suddenly you’ve got 20% more cash in your bank account once the transaction is done.

Since we’re talking $250 a head even for general admission tickets, a 20% discount is no joke. So if you’re still considering attending this year’s event, I suggest you get over there now before tickets sell out.

Feastival 2014 [official]