The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend


Shore house or no,  August is meant for crunchy cucumber salads, colorful tomato panzanella, and all the watermelon you can eat. Though this month can sometimes feel like the homestretch of summer, the vendors at farmer’s markets this year are showing no signs of slowing in terms of variety.

Golden Raspberries – Sometimes called champagne raspberries, these tawny berries are bonkers beautiful and just as delicious as their red counterparts. Some folks even think that they’re sweeter and less acidic with a delicate floral flavor. Try them out this weekend from Landisdale at Clark Park or Chestnut Hill.

Fancy Melons – Denser, sweeter, and more aromatic, the charentais melon is the queen of the cantaloupes. Three Springs will have this hard to find French variety at the Headhouse Market this Sunday. Looking for even more variety? Stop by the other market at Broad & Mount Vernon to pick up yellow watermelon at Drumm’s Produce.

Ground Cherries – A relative of tomatillo, ground cherries (also called husk tomatoes) have a papery skin and a flavor in between that of a tomato and a pineapple. There’s some debate over whether or not they’re the same thing as or just related to cape gooseberries, but either way their sweet/savory tang makes them a nice addition to chunky, chopped salads, or on their own in jam or pie.

Edamame – Fuzzy little soybeans! These are an annual favorite at the Queen Farm table at the Headhouse Market. Sure, you could shell these little guys and do something with them, but why would you when it’s so easy to blanch them, toss with a little salt, and pop them into your mouth?

Early Apples– Yes, there are still peaches galore, but if you’re ready to mix it up a bit stop by Beechwood Orchards this weekend at Rittenhouse or Headhouse. Early season apples are beginning to come in and Beechwood has both Ginger Gold and Sansa varieties. Both are tart, crunchy, and juicy, great for summertime snacking.

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