Sandwich Pop-Up in Jenkintown


The Jawn

Forcella and Leila’s Bistro in Jenkintown are hosting a pop-up sandwich shop today at Leila’s Bistro at 700 West Avenue. Owner Jose Vargas and Paesano’s alum Anthony Pasceri are hosting the pop-up. There will be free samples and $8 sandwiches from 12:30 p.m. till  supplies run out.

If anyone tags Forcella or Leila’s Bistro on Facebook or Twitter (@leilasbistro or @forcellabyob) with a picture of themselves and their sandwich their full size sandwich is free.

Today’s four sandwiches:

  • “The Jawn,” which is beef brisket, roasted tomato, horseradish, mayo, fried egg, sharp cheese and long hots.
  • “The Pig,” which is roasted pig, long hots, broccoli rabe and sharp cheese.
  • “The Plant,” which is roasted eggplant, cheddar and spinach.
  • “The Bird,” which is a chicken cutlet, provolone and spinach.