Fergie’s Opens a Beer Garden

Fergus Carey has announced across social media and good old email that he is doing what “all the cool kids are doing” and opening a pop-up beer garden next to his Fergie’s Pub on the 1200 block of Sansom Street. The garden opens at 5 p.m. and will serve food, beer, wine and cocktails.

Check out Carey’s missive, which has all the pertinent details.

 Yo everybody, I am jumping on the band wagon cos all the cool kids are doing it. Yes folks, I am opening up a pop up garden next to Fergie’s Pub. It opens tonight Wednesday July 16th at 5pm. There will be food, beer, wine and a cocktail. It will be open Wednesday through Saturday.

Here are the hours:

Wednesday and Thursday 5 – 10. Friday and Saturday 2 – midnight.

I may not be the first and sometimes I am not last.

Cheers,  Fergie.

Fergie’s Pub [Foobooz]