La Quercia Prosciutto Event At DiBruno Bros.


Those of you who know about La Quercia don’t need me to say anything else. Those of you who don’t? Let me just say that if you haven’t tried the cured meats from this American producer, then you may think you’ve had the best prosciutto in the world, but you’re wrong.

Better than the Italian? Yup. Better than San Danielle? Yup. So good that I once considered stealing a leg left perilously close to a restaurant’s open front door? Yup. It’s that good. And DiBruno Bros. is having an event dedicated solely to the consumption of it.

“Life, Liberty and the Prosciutto Of Happiness” will be happening on Wednesday, July 2nd at 5:30, upstairs at the Rittenhouse store. There’ll be eight stations featuring hand-carved meats from La Quercia and cheeses to pair with them, plus handmade flatbreads, pasta, beer from Yards and wine from Moore Brothers. If your mouth isn’t too full of cured meat, you’ll be able to chat with Herb Eckhouse from La Quercia. And I’m just going to quote this bit direct from the DiBruno release about the event because, honestly, I’m feeling a little bit lightheaded from all this meat talk:

The eight-station event will encourage guests to mingle and move throughout the space. Stations will include: “Meet the Maker” with Herb Eckhouse hand-slicing acorn-edition prosciutto to order; “Live Action Pizza” for flatbread with ‘nduja {meat} spread, blistered corn, supersweet 100 tomatoes, mushrooms and Grande mozzarella; “Prosciutto Piccante” with St. Lucifer Habañero Spice-dusted watermelon salad, Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog cheese and Niçoise olives; “Prosciutto Rossa” wrapped around black mission figs stuffed with Maytag bleu cheese and Tait Farm tomato chutney, then flash-roasted with rosemary oil; “Prosciutto Tamworth” with wild American hackleback caviar and homemade Di Bruno burrata cream; “Meat Cone” filled with an assortment of La Quercia meats; “Live Action Pasta” with pasta composed a la minute for guests to enjoy, featuring one of La Quercia’s prosciuttos; and “Grand Charcuterie Display” in the on-site demo kitchen, featuring all of La Quercia’s meats and other American showcase products.

I know, right? That’s just bonkers. But you want to know what’s even better? All of this will run you just $35 per person. (yeah, I had to double-check to make sure that was right, too.)

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