Avance Is Facing Eviction

Michael Klein has the scoop. One day after we broke the news that Georges Perrier had lost 1523 Walnut Street in a sheriff’s sale earlier this month, the new owners have moved to evict Avance, the building’s current tenant.

The biggest revelation in the suit? Avance’s rent is $28,000 each month. Ouch. That’s a lot of lamb burgers to sell.

On Tuesday, we had heard that there was trouble brewing at Avance and reached out to Chris Scarduzio, who had been noted as a partner in the business in many press reports. “I have nothing to do with Avance anymore,” he told us. “And I’d like to keep it that way.”

So we then called investor Stephen Olitsky, who we are pretty sure does have something to do with Avance. And he gave us a “no comment.”

Let the speculation begin: What will replace Avance? The new owner is a company called WA Financial Partners. Could the WA stand for Walter Abrams, the opening chef at Le Bec-Fin 2.0?

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