Jen Carroll Headed Back To TV In Top Chef Duels

Of all the wandering Philly chefs without a kitchen to call home, Jen Carroll may have been kitchen-less the longest.

Ever since her post-Top Chef exit from her gig at 10 Arts (and a couple of abortive attempts at opening restaurants of her own here and in NYC), she has been consulting, doing guest chef gigs and, now, is headed back to the small screen to compete on Top Chef Duels.

Curtis Stone is hosting, Gail Simmons and Hugh Acheson are at the judge’s table. Wolfgang Puck is hosting the Duels version of Last Chance Kitchen (called “The Knockout”) which will be available online. Bravo is bringing out the big guns and trying to really make this new spin-off a thing.

This newest iteration of the Top Chef juggernaut will pit former chef-testants against each other in individual, three-round battles, the winners of which will move on to some kind of epic, 10-chef showdown at the end of the season with a $100,000 prize on the line and some kind of mystery prize from Food & Wine magazine.

Bravo has a whole bunch of chefs paired up for the 10-episode run. Carroll has drawn Nyesha Arrington, a Top Chef Texas contestant, as her opponent in episode 7. The series is set to premier on August 6.

You can check out the full lineup of contestants and a detailed breakdown of how the show will work over at Bravo.

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