But Hey, If Pork Really Isn’t Your Thing…


Sure, all the pork addicts will be headed out to Cochon 555 this weekend. But what about something for you people who like to eat a little bit lower down on the Pyramid Of Delicious Animals?

At the Drury Beer Garden behind Opa in Midtown Village, they’re kicking off their series of “Summer Souvlas”. So what is a Summer Souvla, you may ask? It’s an excuse to get together, roast some giant chunk of meat on a spit, and then, well, eat it. Also, there’s some drinking involved. So, you know, a good time all around.

The details for this first Summer Souvla at Drury are thus. It’s happening at 3pm on Saturday, May 24 and will feature a whole lamb being spit-roasted, carved and served to guests. The Drury Beer Garden is also using this event as a launch for their newly remodeled space, bigger bar, expanded tap list and the start of lunch hours every day, Monday through Friday, starting at noon.

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