Tuesday Tasting Dinners At Will: Morel Mushrooms

Will is running a Tuesday Tasting Dinner series in which chef Chris Kearse takes one item and then crafts a complete menu around that single ingredient. And on Tuesday, May 20, that ingredient is morel mushrooms. Wild morels from Oregon, in this case. And there are still a few seats left.

The dinner is five courses. Tickets are $55. And you can get yours by calling the restaurant at 215-271-7683.

Oh, and yes. We have the menu. Check it out below.

Morel Mushroom Tasting Menu
Tuesday, 20th of May 2014

Burgundy Snail Stuffed Morel Mushroom

Fava Beans | Spring Onion | Almond Milk

Ramp Top Spaghetti alla Chitarra

Uni Crème | Morel Mushroom Confit | Black Garlic

Taylor Bay Scallops

Kohlrabi | Morel Mushroom Daube | Bacon XO

Buttermilk Whey Poached Veal

Stinging Nettle | White Asparagus | Morel Ash

Strawberry Shortcake

Yuzu Curd | Hazelnut Genoise | Goat Milk Chantilly

And just a heads-up: The next Tuesday Tasting at Will (June 3) is going to use beer as the inspirational ingredient. We don’t have the menu yet, but it’s probably going to be awesome.

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