The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend

This weekend, the city’s restaurants are sure to be jammed with folks celebrating graduations of all kinds, and with the poor schmucks who overlooked Mother’s Day last week and now must repent. Either way, it’s a great weekend to shop local and cook for yourself. Spring favorites ramps and fiddleheads are winding down a bit, but asparagus and rhubarb are still going strong. And every week there are new additions. Here are but a few…

Goat Cheese – Shellbark Hollow Farm is joining the line-up at the Rittenhouse Square market this spring. Try their Chester County-made milk, kefir, and cheese as part of a springy spread.

Spring Onions – The only difference between scallions and spring onions? Time. The former grows into the latter and both make awesome, fresh cornerstones for spring meals. Look for Queen Farm’s 2-foot long bunches at Headhouse or those from Green Zebra Farm at the Bryn Mawr market. As long as they’re not tough, don’t hesitate to use the greens as well as the white parts!

Kale – Dark, leafy greens heading your way for all of your hip, righteous, kale salad needs! Blooming Glen Farm will have lacinato and red Russian kale at Headhouse this weekend, and other cooking greens will, no doubt, be soon popping up all over.

Heirloom Seeds – It’s not too late to get seeds going for summer veggies! Local seed-savers from Happy Cat Farm are returning to the Headhouse market this weekend with a stunning variety of heirloom tomato seeds, as well as seeds for beans, cucumbers, hot peppers and other goodies.

Baby Veggies – Though roots like turnips and kohlrabi are just starting to arrive at markets, expect to see some baby veggies in limited quantities. Two Gander Farm will have young broccoli and pac choi at the Bryn Mawr Market, and you can expect to see bok choi and fennel out there in limited quantities as well.

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