Where We’re Eating: Black Powder Tavern in Wayne

If you’re a restaurant, one way to start things off on the wrong foot is to make customers wait — and wait — for their first round of cocktails to arrive, and beat them over the head with your specials and try to take their food order while they’re still waiting for said cocktails. (Basic rule: I don’t order food until I’ve toasted my dinner companions.) To further augment these bad feelings, you can deliver a glass to the table that’s not just dirty, but filthy. Such is the torturous approach to service at this new “upscale” chain restaurant in Wayne, which seems charming at first in that Olde English, bygone-era kind of way, but quickly becomes less so as you realize that it’s just another corporate restaurant you don’t want to be in, and that, considering the waits, you’re going to be in for a long and unpleasant night.

Black Powder Tavern [Foobooz]