Philly Bierfest Tickets: And The Winners Are…


The stories have been told. The votes have been counted. And we have our winners for the three pairs of free tickets to this weekend’s Philly Bierfest…

Jacqueline came up with this very local short story that came in at the top of the list. Ah, wordplay…

“Copious amounts of beer make the Eagles football season “beer”able.”

Next was Daniel with one of my favorite entries. There’s just something very much in the spirit of Hemmingway about it:

“Drinking was good in this fine city. He was home.”

And finally, Laura, who had ten words to play with and used up four of them, saying “beer”:

“Beer, Beer, Beer. What a night in Philly with beer!”

So congratulations to all the winners. Each of you has come away with a pair of tickets to this weekend’s Philly Bierfest at the German Society of Philadelphia. And thanks to everyone else for playing along.

Philly Bierfest [official]