Plenty Dropping Its Tasso Ham Panini

Plenty, which recently expanded to 1602 Spruce Street is tweaking its menu. And to shock to myself and I’m sure many others, the tasso ham sandwich is coming off the menu.

The house cured and smoked pork shoulder is smothered in Cayenne dry rub, Creole mayo and gruyere pressed on a French roll. The sandwich definitely packs some heat and that has been cited as the reasoning for the sandwich’s removal from the menu.

But it is also one of their  most praised menu items. It has been saluted on Serious Eats. Yelpers have called it ” the most underrated sandwich in a sandwich-rich city” and “it was by all means and without a doubt the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten.”

And yet, the sandwich is coming off the menu. But to that we have to echo the sentiment of Mike B., “for those complaining that it is too hot, they need to learn what they are ordering in the first place.”

So join me with pitchforks in hand and demand the return of the tasso ham panini. And if that doesn’t work, well I am very intrigued by the Madrileño, beef and chorizo meatball sandwich with roasted poblano peppers, saffron aioli and manchego.

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