It’s A Total Sausage Fest Tonight At Amis

Zagat has the word on tonight’s all-night, Restaurant-Week-confounding Sausage Party at Amis. $19.99 gets you three courses of sausage. Yards beers are $5. There’s sausage antipasto, multiple-sausage courses to follow and chocolate salami and ice cream for dessert.

Oh, and one other thing? At some point during the night, there’s going to be a sausage-eating contest involving several big-name local chefs. Like Kevin Sbraga, Jen Carroll, Scott Schroeder, Jason Cichonski, Brad Daniels and Le from Hop Sing Laundromat. Chefs being the way they are, there’s no guarantee that the contest will happen, that all or any of them will show up, or that it won’t, at some point, just devolve into a drinking contest (as so many of these sorts of things often do). But seriously, isn’t it worth showing up just for the chance that you’ll get to see something like that?

Anyway, the full details are over on the Zagat blog. You should check it out right now.

Amis Hosts A Chef Sausage Eating Contest [Zagat]