New Schedule for Winterfest

Here in the Mid-Atlantic, the weather is not our best quality. Spring and fall are okay, but summer is like living in the mouth of a panting dog, and winter? Perma-gray with occasional, delightful snow flurries followed by sad slush piles and icy sidewalks that seem custom made for crippling old men and women in high heels.

But in a valiant attempt to reframe our scuzziest season, Four Corners Management teamed up with the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation to host Waterfront Winterfest–a month-long pop-up party at the Penn’s Landing skating rink. In the event that you haven’t yet paid a visit, Winterfest features fire pits, a craft market coordinated by Art Star, and The Lodgean indoor space built from shipping containers to house dance parties and concessions. There’s also the skating rink, of course, and lots of twinkly, outdoor space to enjoy a beer with friends.

Whereas most rink-side snack bars get by on little more than frozen fries dunked in who-knows-when-it-was-last-changed oil, good food has been a key part of Winterfest since day one. The menu, designed by much-beloved chef George Sabatino, includes smoked turkey legs with gravy, a vegetarian chili, and a juicy short-rib sandwich with pickled red onion as good as any you’ll find in town. There’s also tounge-in-cheek versions of the processed goodness of rink fare. Instead of a hot pocket, there’s a similarly shaped pastry filled with braised greens, sweet potato and cranberry. In place of fries? Little round potato croquettes that you have the option of smothering in short rib, cheese, and a shower of scallions. These are all served up hot in the company of craft beers and other libations like spiked cider and boozy hot chocolate–mini marshmallows and all.

Winterfest (including George Sabatino’s menu at The Lodge) is getting ready to close up shop on January 5th, so if you haven’t been already, maybe you should plan on it before you have to head back to work has been extended through March 2nd.

UPDATE: The Lodge at Waterfront Winterfest will remain open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Sunday, March 2. The Lodge will serve hot food  on Friday, 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.; Saturday, noon to 11 p.m.; Sunday, 1 to 8 p.m.

Lodge at Waterfront Winterfest [f8b8z]