You’re Too Late For The Zahav Chanukah Menu. Or Are You…?

14_ACS_Zahav_Ashley Catharine Smith

So you think you’re too late to get in on the whole one-night-only Chanukah menu at Zahav happening tomorrow night? Well, you’re only half right. While the dinner itself is pretty much sold out (according to the managers, there might be some last-minute cancellations, but there’s also a REALLY long waiting list), there is still hope. The bar at Zahav is going to be open on a first-come/first-served basis, and everything that’s on the special, six-course Chanukah menu will be available at the bar, a la carte. So yes, that means you’ll be able to assemble the entire dinner for yourself, or just order six plates of the fried challah donuts with burnt marshmallow and call it a night.

Check out the full menu after the jump.

Zahav Chanukah Menu

 November 27th
$39 per person

Hummus with braised brisket
and sunflower seeds
housemade laffa

Green bean and lentil salad
caramelized onions, fried garlic chips

Honey-baked lamb
potato latkes

Cornbread and cranberry stuffing
yemenite-style turkey necks

Turkey shisklik
saffron glaze, collard green pilaf, pomegranate

Fried challah doughnuts
burnt marshmallow, sweet potato

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