The Foobooz Store Has A Book Collection

Books! We’ve got books!

Local Philadelphia photographer (and University of the Arts alum), Dominic Episcopo, has a book of meat, and it’s one of the most visually entertaining books I’ve ever skimmed through. It’s called Meat America, and it includes beautiful depictions of cities, icons, and all things America, done through the eyes of a true carnivore. It’s raw, in your face, witty, and a talking piece to boot. If you want to add something to your Clothbound Cabot Cheese decorated kitchen, maybe add a Meat America 11×14 in. United States of America fine art print.

Oh, and the book is also packaged in styrofoam and plastic wrapped, like ground meat in the supermarket, which is at least 15% of the reason why I like it so much.

Also added to our list, José Garces’s cook/travel book Latin Road Home: Savoring the Foods of Ecuador, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru. The guy does no wrong, and his book is just as exemplary as his cooking. The pictures are just as stunning as the recipes, and this book is something every Philadelphia food-lover needs in his stash. No doubt about it.

We’ve got more books coming, too. Just you wait.