Green Soul Opens In Chestnut Hill

Chef Al Paris (of Heirloom and elsewhere) quietly opened his second Green Soul location in Chestnut Hill late last week. He opened it with partners Robert and Kim Bynum, and the three of them conceived it as “A Bridge To Better Eating.”

To that end, the menu is full of salads. And chicken. And chicken salads. The restaurant also offers sandwiches which tilt in a decidedly Southern direction–like a barbecue pulled chicken sandwich, Cajun salmon BLT and shrimp salad sandwich–alongside smoothies, black bean chowder with jerk salmon and sweet potato pie. Also, every single order comes with a green apple because… Well, because its part of the restaurant’s logo, and also because they’re pushing this whole “apple a day” thing to get people to eat healthier.

In any event, the new operation opened last Thursday at 8229 Germantown Avenue.

Green Soul [Official]