Yuengling Ice Cream Anyone?


Yuengling Brewery has been operating non-stop since 1829. So did you ever wonder what they did during Prohibition?

Well you should because they did two things. Thing 1: They made “near beer”–a .5% alcohol brew that was legal (though pointless) to sell during the dark times. Thing 2: They made ice cream, from the former Yuengling Ice Cream and Dairy plant.

The Yuengling Dairy stayed open until 1985, but ever since then, the product has been absent from the shelves. At least until now.

Yesterday, the Yuengling family (a different branch than still owns the brewery) announced that it would “relaunch its storied ice cream early in 2014.”

Owner David Yuengling said that both the ingredients (mostly milk) and the production would be local to Pennsylvania, and that the product would be sold “in grocery stores from Pittsburgh to New Jersey, and from Scranton, PA to northern Virginia.” The starting slate of flavors includes all the basics (vanilla, several varieties of chocolate), but will also make a go of Root Beer Float-flavored ice cream, vanilla fudge chunk with pretzels and a Black & Tan made with chocolate and caramel ice cream.

Yuengling Ice Cream [Official]