Andechser Doppelbock: Germany’s Most Perfect Beer, Available in Philly For The First Time Ever At Brauhaus Schmitz

When a bar as highly respected as Brauhaus Schmitz emails an announcement prefaced with, “This is a pretty huge release for us,” even we jaded food journos tend to stop midway to our delete buttons to take a closer look.

In this case, the press release – which elicited, from me at least, a cry of, “Holy fuck!” — was more than worth the read. That’s because for the next year, Brauhaus will be the only Philadelphia location to carry on draft what some consider to be Germany’s most perfect and sought-after doppelbock.

Travelers from around the world make pilgrimages up a holy mountain near Munich to visit Andechs monastery for two reasons: religious artifacts and beer. Benedictine monks have been brewing beer there since 1455 but have never sold it in the United States. But beginning tonight at 7 o’clock, Brauhaus will be the first place outside New York to carry kegs of the Andechser Doppelbock, helles and dunkles weissbier.

After months of working and waiting on the kegs to come through, Brauhaus co-owner Doug Hager said in a statement, “This is a big one. If you are a German beer lover and have been to Munich a couple times you have probably tried this beer or made the journey to the Monastery itself. It truly is an amazing place.”

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