Philly Makes Zagat’s List of 31 Crazy Ice Cream Flavors–Twice

Zagat’s scoop on the 31 craziest ice cream flavors from around the world–featuring flavors from two Philly restaurants–might literally make you scream for ice cream after reading some of the kooky offerings.

But be warned, you just might scream in disgust or horror instead.

Capogrio Gelato Artisans’s rosemary honey goat’s milk gelato, which owner Stephanie Reitano said was created ten years ago by mistake, was placed on the list. The gelato emporium’s fior di latte and cioccolato banana flavors made it into Philly Mag’s “Top Ice Cream Flavors” feature from our July issue.

The other Philly offering, the Sichuan pepper ice cream from Sbraga (pictured above), was inspired by Top Chef winner Kevin Sbraga’s visit to Han Dynasty. After he “developed an obsession with Sichuan peppercorns,” Sbraga found a way to incorporate it into ice cream, which he paired with cherries jubilee dessert and pistachio ice cream. Just don’t ask for soy sauce on top.

Other bizarre flavors included on the list? Why, salt licorice and honey jalapeno pickle ice cream, of course! There’s even a creamed cod ice cream from a fish bar in London (obviously) that fries the batter-coated ice cream and pairs it with potato ice cream “chips” (what the Queen calls “French fries”) so the ice cream really looks as weird as it probably tastes.

31 Crazy Ice Cream Flavors Around the World [Zagat]