An L.A. Update from Rich Landau of Vedge

Yesterday, I got Rich Landau from Vedge on the phone as he was driving over to check out a potential home for his new Los Angeles expansion.

Last night, we traded a couple messages about where things stood after the all-important site visit.

“It’s a big, beautiful raw space,” Landau explained. But also one that “needs…well…everything.” Still, it has great potential, and Landau seemed as though he was ready to move forward. So I asked him: Does this mean Vedge L.A. is a go?

“I wouldn’t say that yet,” he said. “Next up: lawyers. This is where it gets fun. And expensive.”

For a good look at the background on Vedge’s L.A. adventures, check out Zagat’s piece on how this all came to be.

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