Is Nicolas Fanucci Out At Le Bec Fin?


Over on Eater, they’re reporting on a possible permanent new chef on the way at Le Bec FinJustin Bogle, ex of Gilt in New York City. But we’ve been chasing a rather different rumor since last night. Namely that the architect behind the restaurant’s recent revival, Nicolas Fanucci, is now out at Le Bec Fin.

It’s a tough thing to call definitively in the middle of service on a Saturday night, but here’s what we know. Two separate and well-placed sources have come to us saying that Fanucci is out for good. Le Bec’s PR came back with a fast “no comment” when asked whether or not Fanucci was still involved at Le Bec (so read into that what you will). And a call to the restaurant confirmed that he is not there tonight (at 8pm on a Saturday night) and won’t be in all week.

Can we say for sure that Fanucci is on the bricks? No. But all signs seem to be pointing to another big shakeup at Philly’s most famous restaurant.

We’ll update with more information as soon as kitchens start shutting down for the night and the gossip really starts flying.

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