Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Han Solo Collaboration Dinner, Fork, Pizza and Ice Cream, Percy Street Closes, Cheu Noodle Opens, And News From Le Bec Fin, Hop Sing and Noord

It’s the Phillie’s home opener today. I know full well that no one is reading this. But that sure ain’t gonna stop me from writing it. For those 11 of you still stuck at your desks on this beautiful spring afternoon, here’s what you might’ve missed on Foobooz this week.

Mike Solomonov and Han Chiang Plan Han Solo Collaboration Dinner It was no bacon mouthwash, but it was still a good April Fools Day prank

The Old School Excellence Of Fork Check out Trey Popp’s review

More Than Just Hype Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream, together at last

Percy Street BBQ Shuts The Doors At the Comcast Center, not on South Street

First Bite: Cheu Noodle Bar If you’re not already at the game, go to Cheu RIGHT NOW

Is HipCityVeg Coming To Midtown Village? Looks that way

Questlove and Stephen Starr Opening a Fried Chicken Joint In NYC Is Philly next?

Who Got “Mugged” At The Pub? And by “mugged” we mean…Well, kinda mugged, actually

Noord Is Coming And its bringing its snert with it

Annotated Menu Bufad Pizza

News From Le Bec Fin Let’s have brunch!

Hop Sing Changes Happy Hour Plans Surprise!

Bru Shows Us Its Wiener(s) No, really! We have pictures!