Reopening Tonight: Dolphin Tavern

dolphin-march-20The Dolphin Tavern at Broad and Tasker is reopening tonight at 5:30 p.m. Now under the tutelage of Dave P (Making Time), Psydde Delicious (Delicious Boutique), Sean Agnew (R5 Productions), Avram Hornik and Mark Fichera (Four Corners Management), the old bar promises “some things have changed but most are just how you left them.”

The most asked question is whether the new Dolphin Tavern will have dancers. Yes, is the answer and dancing tonight; Melissa Bang-Bang and Violet Sweet. There will also be DJs nightly, check the Dolphin’s new web site for details.

The Dolphin Tavern
1539 South Broad Street
(215) 568-1616
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