Percy Street BBQ Gets a New Menu

Photo by Drew Lazor

Percy Street BBQ has been rolling out a new menu this month. The menu gets a bit away from the orthodox Texas barbecue roots of the South Street barbecue spot and gives chef Erin O’Shea a chance to show off what she can do. Don’t worry though, the brisket is still the brisket, but check out some of these new menu items.

Owner Steve Cook tells us the new menu answers the question, how’s the best way to prepare this. Take the pork belly, which has been reitroduced as an appetizer, the dish is now served with potato bread, cured egg yolk  and a touch of sweetness by way of maple syrup. And it already has picked up fans. Another new item, the lamb ribs are served with braised sauerkraut and apples.

There’s still a dish to be added, O’Shea will be adding grits with fried oysters. This will be the first time her grits have appeared on the Percy Street menu and if you were fortunate enough to have O’Shea’s grits during her time at Marigold Kitchen, you know these are a must-try. Get them on starting on Tuesday, March 26th, during Percy Street’s Four Roses (PDF) tasting.

Check out the full menu below and see just how much Percy Street has evolved since its 2009 opening.

New Percy Street Menu (PDF)
Percy Street BBQ [Official Site]