Devil’s Den Crew To Open Barren Hill

General Lafayette Inn

Word came down this morning that the Devil’s Den/Old Eagle Tavern team have taken the plunge and are (or soon will be) the proud new owners of the General Lafayette Inn in Lafayette Hill. The place has been a regular in the real estate listings for quite some time, but now it looks like it’s going to get new life as a brew pub.

What do we know right now? We know that when it reopens, it will be called Barren Hill (after the original name for the area) and that it will open with 30 taps–6 of them pouring Barren Hill brews with a plan for three of those to be “accessible” (IPA, lager and the like) and three being more “adventurous.” We know that it’ll be a beer-focused joint (of course), but that there will be a menu and that current Devil’s Den chef, Paul Trowbridge, will be manning the burners. And we also know that the beer brewed at Barren Hill will also be sold at Devil’s Den and the Old Eagle Tavern in Manayunk.

Oh, and we’ve also heard that the team is looking at a mid-to-late summer opening, so they’d better get cracking.

Psssst, Wanna Buy An Inn? [Foobooz]