Greatest Hits And What You Missed: Pizza, Pasta, Whiskey, Cheeseburgers and News For People Who Like Bad News

Okay, seriously? You’ve got one night left of Restaurant Week. What are you doing sitting around reading? Get out there and score one last dinner before the deals (such as they are) are all gone. But in case you’ve spent the past week doing nothing but eating and have finally just waddled home to collapse in front of your computer, here’s what you might’ve missed.

Seth Meyers Loves Foobooz As proven by this PYT bit on SNL’s Weekend Update

Craft & Claw Closes In Old City Whoever guessed “45 minutes” totally wins the pool on this one

A Third Shake Shack Is Coming To Town And don’t argue with me about the definition of “town”

12 Days Of Whiskey At Fiume The perfect follow-up to Restaurant Week

YOLO is Toast Whoever guessed “30 seconds” totally wins the–Oh, wait…

Tasting Tours On Sale For Philly Cooks East Passyunk sold out in like 5 minutes

The $35 Challenge Eating like it’s Restaurant Week at Southwark

Serpico Delayed Or maybe not…

Super Bowl Specials Around Town Big eats for the big game

Bufad Pizza Opens Tonight And we have the pictures