Three More Tasting Tours on Sale

As part of Philly Cooks Week, we’ll be offering unprecedented access to Philadelphia’s top kitchens and culinary masters like Jose Garces and Marc Vetri through three nights of Tasting Tours. On February, 25th to 27th we’ll be offering three unique tours a night. We announced the first two on Tuesday, here are the next three.

Monday, February 25th Midtown Village Tour

Stop 1: Garces Trading Company. Learn how the chefs at GTC make their famous deep dish pie, grab a slice (or two), and sip on a glass of Tempranillo.
Stop 2: Jamonera. Grab a seat at the bar, sample creative food and sherry pairings, and chat with chef Marcie Turney.
Stop 3: The Corner. Head into the kitchen with Chef John Taus at The Corner, while he demos how to make his fried chicken, from start to finish. Then grab a beer and enjoy the feast.

Monday, February 25th Rittenhouse Tour #1

Stop 1: Oyster House. Taste and learn the difference between West and East coast oysters from experts, sip on a well-paired beverage.
Stop 2: Le Bec Fin. Chef Walter Abrams prepares his favorite local vegetables, offers snacks made with the veggies and a wine pairing.
Stop 3: Ranstead Room/El Rey. Sneak in through the back door of Ranstead Room, where the bartenders will teach you how to build the perfect punch. El Rey Chef Dioncio Jimenez serves up El Rey’s best dishes.

Wednesday, February 27th Easy Passyunk Tour

Stop 1: Fond. Start at Fond, where chef Lee Styer will talk about fish, and make and serve a selection of crudos and sparkling wine.
Stop 2: Stateside. Philadelphia magazine’s #1 restaurant. Head into the kitchen with Chef George Sabatino, and watch how he makes sausage, before you feast on their best sausage dishes paired with beer.
Stop 3: Le Virtu. Hang with chef Joe Cicala, as he makes the largest, single maccheroni you’ve ever seen. They try it, with wine.

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